About Us

For more than 13 years Skystyle has been involved in the development, manufacture, delivery and installation of stretch ceilings all over the world!

About Us

Our goal is to provide our customers with a full range of services with the best technical support.

Our History

From 2009 through 2011, we successfully carried out both hi-tech individual projects and large-scale commercial projects in the niche of stretch ceilings. Actively developing in the sphere of professional installation of ceiling systems of PVC and architectural textiles and cooperating with best specialists from Estonia, Russia, Canada, Latvia, Lithuania and other countries, we launched our first production line of stretch ceilings in Karlsruhe, Germany. The name of the company was Epos Neue Art.

To attain the desirable result, we share the valuable experience and knowledge we have gained with our customers and partners.
Since 2011, our company has changed its location for Jõhvi, the Estonian Republic.
In Estonia, a company bearing the name of Strewell (Stretch is well) was purchased, which specialized in stretch ceiling installation, and a year later, in 2018, the name was changed for Skystyle (a heavenly style).

During that period, being professionally involved in the installation of stretch ceilings in Estonia, we enlarged the range of our products, opened the online shop, worked out and arranged the logistics, and entered the export markets, supplying stretch ceilings worldwide.
Currently, Skystyle offers up-to-date solutions for stretch ceiling systems, lighting, fixing as well as tools for creating unique designs.

The company established a department for technical support of our customers. The Skystyle specialists carry out market research to find out and fulfil the needs of our customers. To provide support or assistance, we are eager to be available even at the weekend or during non-business hours.

Our ambition to be the best for you helps us grow and develop with you!
By 2024, we are happy that we are able to offer you more than a hundred of colours and textures of PVC fabrics and architectural textiles.

Based on our own experience and our customer needs, we have created our own line of profiles for you to be able to fulfil your potential to the maximum.

Skystyle carefully monitors the quality of products to be delivered, and in 2021, the brand LUCA of premium lighting was created and registered. Now we are sure that our customers will receive really high-quality products, for we develop and install the majority of products on our own.

At the stage of 2024, we are attesting and patenting new technical solutions developed by our specialists.

Our partners and customers receive a full range of decent products, excellent service, reliable packing, well-functioning logistics and extended guarantee.
We strive for excellence!
Ready-to-use sheets cut according to your dimensions, curved seam, ceilings with photo printing up to 5 m, textured materials, textile ceilings from top brands (DESCOR BAUF TEQTUM MSD Premium MSD Evolution PONGS);
Magnet track lighting, LED strips, LED modules, LED bulbs, power supplies of 12V 24V 48V, light controllers LUCA SKYDANCE MIBOXER NEXTEC OSRAM LEDURO;
Tools and fasteners for stretch ceiling installation;
Plastic and aluminium profiles developed by our specialists;
Recessed elements for lighting fixtures, sensors, video cameras;
Masking tapes (white/coloured).
We offer
Everything for creating stretch ceilings and lighting solutions;
Order picking taking from 1 hour
Off-line and online shop for ceiling lighting items and components
Customer support and feedback
Flexible logistics system with customer preferences accounted for
Certified and environmentally friendly materials with fire safety class Bs1d0 as per DIN En13501
Reliable packaging
Management and Staff
The most resilient specialists, each of whom has more than ten-year experience in the field of stretch ceiling business. The whole team of professionals is involved in the vitally important processes of the company. We offer our customers and partners only the best and we know that the world of stretch ceilings has no limits.
CE Marking
TEQTUM Euro – fabric up to 4.5 meters in width, having passed successfully comprehensive material testing, is fully entitled to have the CE marking (European Conformity).
Fire-Retardant Certificate
Certified as fire retardant TEQTUM Euro fabric has the fire safety class of B-s1,d0 as per European standard DIN EN-13501-1
International Quality Rating of А+
French environmental standard limiting the release of volatile substances into the air. The highest rating in compliance with the European laws