Insured events

Insured events

Insured events

Insured events
Often, the cost of the repair or restoration of old panel, plastered, plasterboard or other ceiling is the same or even higher than the cost of modern stretch ceilings we offer. We are often approached after flooding or mechanical damage caused to the ceiling, that is why we recommend to insure your property in reliable insurance companies.

Until the extent of damage and circumstances of the insured event have been identified, you are prohibited to introduce any changes into the damaged objects, which can influence the identification of the causes and the extent of the damage.

Do your best to reduce the damage and to prevent occurring further damage!

It usually takes insurance companies less than 10 days to make a decision on compensation for damage.

Within any insured event, you will bear your own responsibility, which will be stated in the insurance policy.
Home and property insurance
One of the common types of insurance is home and residence contents insurance.

As a rule, insurance companies offer insurance coverage against many risks including: fire, explosion, stroke of lightning, storm, hail, flood, water level rising, vandalism, burglary, robbery, leakage of water pipes, destruction of technical systems, power outage, damage inflicted by wild animals etc.
Compensation for damage
First, read your insurance policy to find out what is to be done to get a compensation. You should file an Indemnity Application to the insurer as soon as possible and necessary since the moment of the insured event occurrence. The period within which the insurance company is to compensate the damage caused is stated in the insurance policy. The period is usually up to one month from the date of filing the Indemnity Application.
What to do if an insured event occurs?
through a phone call / Whatsapp / Viber
by email at
or visiting our service office located at the address:
1. If an insurance event has occurred, notify your insurance company at your first convenience.
2. Contact us. We will make a comprehensive calculation for recovery works.
3. From the party at fault or the insurance company we will receive a guarantee of payment for our job and sign an agreement.
4. Then, we will carry out the work on restoration of your assets in full within as short a time as possible following the guarantee liabilities.

You can get a consultation:
NB! In case of a theft, vandalism or robbery you must also notify the police.
NB! In case of a fire, you should notify the police and the emergency services.
You can fill in the Indemnity Application and submit all necessary information through your insurance company. You can contact us with regard to your damage incurred for drawing up or receiving an offer for repairs.

Click on your insurance company logo below, and you will be immediately readdressed to their page with the Indemnity Application to fill in.
Insurance companies
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